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2023-24 Executive Committee


Owen W. Lofthus, Virginia Western Community College


David Hobart, University of Lynchburg


Paul Deck, Virginia Tech, 540.231.3493


Jeremy Stegall, Eastman Chemical Company

Newsletter Editor:

Paul Deck, Virginia Tech, 540.231.3493


Gary Hollis, Roanoke College, 540.375.2437

Alternate Councilor:

Jason Crumpton, University of Lynchburg, 434.544.8376
  • VBRS ByLaws
    The ByLaws for the VBRS were approved by a vote of the membership at the January 2006 meeting. Please read over these ByLaws and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email or call any of the members of the Executive Council. You can find their phone numbers and email addresses on the Executive Council link off the side menu.

  • VBRS Officer Job Manual
    The officer Job Manual contains information on the duties of the elected officers and appointed committee members. There is always a need for members to volunteer to chair or serve on committees such as the National Chemistry Week, Membership, and Awards. Please let the Section Chair know if you are interested in serving on the Executive Council or helping with a committee.

  • Check List for Local Contact Persons
    Information for the local contact person for a section meeting is available as a PDF file. Each contact person should use this check list to finalize arrangements with the speaker(s), get menu, etc. to the Editor of the Blue Ridge Chemist and to the VBRS Treasurer.



Past VBRS Chairs (many thanks to Ben Huddle)


1994       Warren Pendergast

1995       Alan Schick

1996       Dan Derringer

1997       Joe Merola

1998       Cindy Burkhardt

1999       David Johnson

2000       Ernest Kaufman

2001       Todd Coolbaugh

2002       Gary Hollis

2003       Gwen Sibert

2004       Jason Powell

2005       Elizabeth Cox

2006       Adele Addington

2007       Dave Johnson

2008       Joe Wirgau

2009       Bill Lokar

2010       Gary Hollis

2011       Dwight Williams

2012       Kim Lane

2013       Ben Huddle

2014       Maria Puccio

2015       Tim Fuhrer

2016       Kim Lane

2017       Paul Deck

2018       Gary Hollis

2019       Jason Crumpton

2021       Maggie Bump

2022       Samrat Thapa

2023       Jesse Kern